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Dental CAT Scan

Utilizing Cat scans in our dental practice has helped us to increase our accuracy while having greater clarity in all of our diagnostics and treatments. As dental treatments become increasingly more digitized, it is now more possible than ever to completely plan dental treatments for precise results.

We can use CAT scans to place dental implants as well as to diagnose and treat TMJ and the symptoms of neck pain, headache, and migraines. We are proud to be one of the few dentists in Appleton WI to make use of this dental technology to provide our patients with access to the best advancements in the dental care industry. We always aim to stay abreast of new equipment, training, and techniques, while utilizing our knowledge of dental care to decide which new innovations are most appropriate for our practice. CAT scans are one of the options that we have incorporated into our diagnostic process with exceptional results.

With just an image from the scan, your dentist is able to view detailed information such as jaw bone and facial bone positioning and density. We can also view their shapes and how they are relating with other bones in the area. This allows us to place dental implants with increased accuracy of within one tenth of a millimeter. Enhanced dental implant placement by your dentist means a more successful and long lasting result.

Effective TMJ Treatment

The use of CAT scans by dentists has also resulted in better treatment and diagnosis for the TMJ disorder. We are able to view bones from a three dimensional viewpoint and determine which ones are being affected. We can then create a customized orthotic that positions the jaw to work better, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ has just begun to get the attention it deserves as a legitimate disorder. Until recent years, the jaw discomfort, popping sounds, and accompanying discomfort was attributed to heredity or even paranoia. As your dentist, we want to accurately provide the best possible TMJ treatment as we know that it is real and affects many people. We know that it can be treated with scientific methods that are increasingly accurate instead of the method of lining up teeth with splints that was used in previous years.

Understanding TMJ

Previous dentists assumed that the bite was what was causing the pain and discomfort but after more advancements in dental medicine, dentists have come to realize that the jaw’s alignment is the underlying cause of TMJ. We utilize computerized imagery to determine the best way to treat each individual patient. After taking a detailed image with a dental CAT scan, we are able to view jaw alignment, shape, and how your jaw joints fit together. This allows us to determine the ideal jaw placement to provide the best possible TMJ treatment. We create a custom orthotic after we find the position in which your jaw is most comfortable. The orthotic helps keep the jaw in the most optimum position, starting you on the road to healing and recovery.

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